Discovering a quality architect & engineers insurance company, the expert team at Fenner & Esler takes pride in our well-deserved reputation as a leading brokerage. As an independent insurance brokerage, we are able to offer architect & engineer insurance that offers the best amount of protection for the size of the business and the scope of their projects. This permits us to offer the most affordable architects & engineers insurance.

Engineers Insurance

In our present litigious society, an architect and engineer insurance company provides protection from the economic devastation that could occur even with unfounded claims. Having Errors & Omissions Insurance For architects & engineers will provide you with reassurance in case of a suit, as covering these expenses can easily cost over thousands of dollars. The coverage options we provide can be scaled, and that means you won’t ever pay for more coverage than what you’ll need.

Architect Insurance

The importance of having quality coverage from a respected architect & engineers insurance company is something that a lot of people just starting out as design professionals underestimate. Many firms have commercial general liability, or CGL policies and operate under the belief that this is sufficient. However, this is only a general policy that protects against financial losses which might occur from personal injury or property damage as a result of your services or place of business. Errors and Omissions however is what architects and engineers require specific coverage against. Regardless of how experienced you are, this is still something that could occur to any firm. Without this type of insurance you would be forced to cover it out of your own pocket. Also, a client is capable of making a claim that there was an error or omission and even if you are found not at fault, the legal costs are capable of being substantial. A lot of people believe that since they have a small firm this isn’t something they should invest in. However, the truth is quite the opposite. The financial burden of such a lawsuit has the ability to devastate a lot of small firms. Count on Fenner & Esler’s services as a top architects & engineers insurance company instead.

Engineers Insurance Broker

Professional engineer & architect insurance is a vital aspect of your risk management strategy for a number of reasons. While a lot of them are aware of the importance of having a general liability insurance plan, they don’t realize that a professional liability insurance plan offers other benefits that are essential. A few examples include:

  • Covers damages up to the limit of your policy
  • Provide help with risk management strategies
  • Assists you in continuing operation during a lawsuit
  • Offers protection against frivolous claims
  • Covers legal costs
  • You’ve got to have a trusted architect & engineers insurance broker on your side to make certain you’re getting a plan that works for you. This is why you’ve got to have Fenner & Esler.

    Engineers Insurance Brokers

    Additionally, we also supply architects & engineers employment practice liability insurance. Most professional design firms employ assistants and secretaries to ensure the office runs smoothly and jobs are completed efficiently. Unfortunately, even in close-knit architect and engineering firms, allegations of sexual harassment, discrimination, and wrongful termination can arise. We provide high quality A & E employment practice liability insurance to preserve your business from the price of litigating and settling these types of suits.

    Insurance Architect

    We are delighted to offer EPLI for AIA members, ACEC member firms and NSPE member firms. Saving you thousands of dollars in premiums, we offer insurance policies approved by the AIA, NSPE, and ACEC of the best quality. Possessing EPLI for ACEC member firms, AIA members, and NSPE members in addition to our customized risk management strategies means you will be able to look towards the future without being worried about potential lawsuits.

    Architects & Engineers Insurance

    When you’re obtaining the services of an engineers & architects insurance company, value and coverage are both significant factors to take into account. It isn’t in your best interest to work with a more brokerage as a result of the difficulty which this will present. No two firms are exactly the same, but you may find that you are being forced into a one size fits all policy and not receiving personal attention when you work with a bigger firm. Supplying you with policies that are fair and flexible as an independent architect & engineer insurance company is that which we strive for. Getting insurance from a bigger brokerage means that finding that your policy is forcing you to pay extra for services you will not need is quite common. Conversely, you may discover that you’re forced into a policy that’s more affordable but where you now no longer have all the coverage you need when you attempt to address this situation. Balancing coverage and value won’t be a problem when you work with the insurance professionals at Fenner & Esler because you’re capable of being confident that your policy is going to address all of your requirements with out you paying for services that you aren’t going to require.

    Architect Liability Insurance Company

    We make it simple for you at Fenner & Esler if you’re looking for insurance from a top engineers & architects insurance company. If you already have a policy, it may be a wise idea to have an expert such as Fenner & Esler review it and see if we can do better. Working with us can provide your firm many benefits, including the fact that standards and requirements in your industry are things we are always confident to remain up to date with. Also we are able to provide individualized service that you would be incredibly hard pressed to find from bigger online engineer and architect insurance companies, meaning you might not be receiving the best deal which is right for you. If you want to apply for coverage we make it easy on our website with separate forms for small firms when your billings are less than $1,000,000 and one for large firms if you are over. Do not hesitate to give us a call at Fenner & Esler right away.

    Architects Liability Insurance Coverage

    To really get the best protection for your firm with architects & engineers insurance, it is in your best interest to find a quality architect & engineers insurance company possessing significant experience working with the design industry, like Fenner & Esler. Should legal action be taken against your business, our team of architect and engineer insurance industry professionals possess the experience that will help you select the most cost effective coverage to give you complete protection.