It doesn’t matter if you’re just beginning a career or you are planning for retirement – obtaining the services of a quality architects insurance company is vital if you’d like to protect yourself financially. We are an architect insurance company that’s been helping design specialists at all phases of their career by supplying them with customizable professional liability insurance packages since 1923. Unlike online architects insurance brokerages who provide one size fits all coverages that cost more money, we’re going to find a policy which will provide you with the protection you require at a cost you can afford. At Fenner and Esler we establish relationships based on a foundation of trust. To this end we provide risk management strategies which you and your firm will find helpful. This is why so many design professionals call us when they need an architect & engineers insurance company.

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Purchasing professional liability insurance from an independent architect & engineers insurance broker like Fenner and Esler means you may take advantage of the fact that we work with a broad variety of A rated carriers and have the ability to mix and match policies. This gives us the ability to scale your architects insurance package either up or down according to the type and amount of clients you have as well as to the nature and range of your projects. Moreover, as a leading architects insurance broker we additionally offer standalone policies in case you require additional coverage for a particular project outside your normal practice. Discovering this kind of flexibility from a big online insurance brokerage just isn’t going to happen. At Fenner & Esler, our experts is going to assist you in finding an insurance policy which is going to meet your needs precisely.

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Architects insurance coverage is crucial for anybody in the business, regardless of whether you’re on your own or own a large firm. If you want to protect your livelihood, it’s essential to have insurance in place that is going to be ready in case you ever find yourself facing a lawsuit. Unfortunately, no matter how well you’re doing your job, any architect can find themselves facing a lawsuit. Legal fees alone can result in many smaller firms being wiped out, so even lawsuits which appear frivolous must be taken seriously. We provide structural architect insurance that will provide you with the protection you need for your firm so that you can conduct business without worry. The level of service we provide is one of the reasons we’re a top source of Errors & Omissions Insurance Coverage for NSPE, ACEC and AIA members.

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We’re not merely specialists in architects insurance coverage at Fenner & Esler. We’re Built Environment experts possessing a great deal of knowledge regarding the industry. This is yet another reason why we’re such an ideal choice for your insurance needs. An insurance brokerage that understands the requirements of design professionals is needed as architecture and architecture firms have their own unique requirements. Since our architects insurance experts have special understanding of the design-build industry, they can review your coverage to verify you have sufficient protection when you or your company expands your practice’s scope. Let the decades of experience we’ve accumulated at Fenner & Esler work to your benefit.

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The insurance application process is something that a lot of people do not even think to look for from bigger architects insurance companies but we’re happy to offer assistance with. Once you present yourself in the proper fashion and with great care, a lot of architects are able to achieve considerably better results. This is a result of the fact that your insurance policy will be more customized to meet your individual requirements as a result, and therefore more cost effective. You can benefit from our years of expertise with this procedure. Make the personal choice for structural architects insurance today!

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Minimizing the significance of employment practice liability insurance for architects is an error made by many new and veteran architects. As design professionals work closely together, a lot of architects find it difficult to imagine that one of their assistants or clerical employees would file a lawsuit alleging harassment, retaliatory practices or discrimination. The truth is that in 2011, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) submitted almost 100,000 charges against employers, with 40 ” alleging retaliatory workplace practices. Disability discrimination was alleged in over 26,000 charges. The typical cost of an employment practice lawsuit was $291,000 in 2011. This should be a reminder that even allegations that are unfounded may be devastating to a small firm to the point of losing the business, as well as a significant toll on the bottom line for larger businesses. The employment practice liability insurance for architects experts at Fenner and Esler will develop a cost effective plan for protecting you in addition to your firm from allegations of wrongful practices in the workplace by spending time reviewing your business’s human resource practices with you. Furthermore, our team has extensive experience in the design build business, which provides them with the knowledge base to develop robust employment liability risk management techniques tailored to your firm’s needs. Count on the architect insurance experts at Fenner and Esler if you’re in need of architects employment practice liability insurance.

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Since 1923, Fenner and Esler has distinguished itself from other architect insurance companies thanks to our individualized approach to working with our clients. Design professionals looking for an insurance broker who is able discover an insurance policy that is going to suit the specific needs of your firm perfectly have been turning to us thanks to our decades of experience. Many people searching for quality architects insurance from bigger online brokerages end up becoming disillusioned with the experience. Contact Fenner and Esler today to experience the difference our dedication to excellence makes.