Regardless of size of your company, the importance of obtaining service from a leading engineers and architects insurance company should not ever be underestimated. The present economic climate means that it is important for architects to do everything in their power to protect their personal finances, in addition to those of the firm they work with. It’s always a main concern as a business owner to be sure you’ve got all of your bases covered. In the architecture discipline, this is vitally important as a small error or omission can lead to massive amounts of expensive litigation. Even if you are found not liable in the end, the cost of said litigation is commonly enough to wipe out a small or medium sized firm. The potential damage to your reputation is also something you need to think about. If you care about your company’s success, partnering with an independent architect insurance company is essential. To help you in navigating such a challenging course, Fenner & Esler is an experienced architect insurance brokerage which will assist you in finding an architect insurance plan that’s going to be exactly suited to your needs.

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The cookie cutter policies found from other engineer and architect insurance companies on the internet stop many architects from getting policies which are effective and are going to suit their needs. In reality, the price of these cookie-cutter policies leads many young structural architects to make the decision to go without architect insurance coverage, which has the capacity to become a career-ending mistake. You might be surprised at exactly how many times young architects make this mistake. Instead of paying for insurance services they won’t require, they put away money in the event of an emergency. There are several issues with this scenario, however. To begin with, taking from the cash that was put aside is much too tempting, and should a serious issue arise unexpectedly, the financial security of the corporation is suddenly in question. You can’t ever be sure when you’ll need the coverage as lawsuits might be filed years following the completion of the project. Furthermore, a lot of people underestimate the amount of money they’ll have to spend in legal costs, even if they are found not liable. Court cases may drag out for years and bankrupt your company, not to mention ruining your reputation. Your best alternative is instead to seek the assistance of a trusted independent architects insurance company like Fenner & Esler, as we can locate architects insurance which will fit your exact requirements.

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Locating the best engineers and architects insurance company can be challenging when you consider how many online insurance offers you will surely encounter. Various insurance carriers have different exceptions, deductibles, and riders, which may make it hard to compare the different policies they offer. architects in solo practices and small businesses will generally lose in this scenario as well, as a straightforward and comprehensive architects liability insurance policy will tend to over insure while being extremely expensive.

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We’re an independent architect insurance broker and have years of expertise dealing with design professionals. As a result, we understand that no architecture firms are the same. Given the differences in the nature of the projects along with the experience of the professional in the firm, every company encounters unique risks, so their needs for architect liability insurance additionally vary. With Fenner & Esler, you can be certain you’ll get personal attention you won’t get from larger architects insurance companies. With the information you’ve supplied us, we’re able to use our business knowledge to come up with an architect insurance policy with protection from A-rated carriers that will fit your specific needs. The advantage of service from Fenner and Esler is that you not only have the correct amount of insurance coverage, but you also have the most affordable policy premiums possible.

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Fenner & Esler has worked hard over the past 30 years to develop the reputation as the finest architects liability insurance company. We work to your advantage as an independent architect liability insurance company, as our first loyalty is to you , not an insurance provider. Partnering with an independent architect liability insurance company like Fenner & Esler also supplies you with the ability to take advantage of our in depth knowledge in crafting custom-made architects liability insurance policies which will also give you flexibility throughout different phases your career.

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When you get a one-size-fits-all architects insurance policy that you find from many larger online architect insurance companies, you frequently do not get information regarding the design industry’s best practices as far as risk management. Spending time researching this information online and ascertaining whether a particular recommendation will apply to your practice and is consistent with the laws and ordinances in your state is time consuming at best. At Fenner & Esler, we will not just create a custom architect errors and omissions insurance coverage policy to suit your needs but will also serve as your partner in risk management. We’ll notify you of new industry practices that pertain to your practice, go over contracts, and provide continual guidance on means by which you can protect your business. In this way, we are able to provide you with the peace of mind you need so you can focus on your business rather than being worried about frivolous litigation. When you hire us for architects liability insurance, you can be sure you’re going to be working with an independent architect insurance brokerage that you can trust with your practice.

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Among the reasons we are a great choice for an architect insurance company is the fact that we have developed and maintained strong relationships with top rated insurance carriers. You will have the security to know that whenever you require it, your architects professional liability insurance policy is going to be there to protect you. We offer professional liability insurance plans which are scalable, so they are perfect for beginning architect that are just getting their company started. We’re able to modify your coverage as your business grows, so that your are consistently protected from suits regarding claims of errors or omissions. Later in your career, your coverage may be modified to supply cost-effective protection if former client makes the decision to file a lawsuit years following the completion of a project. This is one of the reasons we’re a top choice for those looking for architects insurance companies.

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We never take our solid reputation for granted at Fenner & Esler. In addition to our services for architects, we also provide environmental consultant insurance, surveyors insurance and architect insurance, serving a broad array of professionals in the design industry. We’re here to listen to and assist you in addressing your concerns, whether you’re not sure if you have the appropriate amount of architects errors and omissions insurance coverage, you want to renew your present architect PL insurance, or you are just curious what other architect insurance choices are available. If you need effective protection for your practice, contact Fenner & Esler, a quality independent architect insurance company.