Professional liability insurance is one of the most important things for design professionals and architects. Whether you are an individual entity or you work under a firm, liability insurance will safeguard you from financial pressure that might catch you off guard should you unintentionally commit errors or omissions during a project. Most design firms and architects often do not have the necessary funds to cover all the expenses for legal defense and damages if they are caught up in a lawsuit.

Although architects are admired for their ability to develop articulate and functional designs for construction, errors can always occur. Big clients will usually ask for architects insurance to make sure that any liability will be incurred by the architect and his design firm for alleged errors or omissions. Often the courts of law, it is very difficult to prove innocence in such a case (regardless of actual fault). Accidents should be anticipated; that is why it is so important to secure your practice with professional liability insurance.

Liabilities for just a single error, oversight or omission may equate to a great sum of money that you might not be able to afford. Also, fighting against a case can be so demanding and will require considerable costs for the legal defense. But why worry about that when you can transfer the risk to the insurance company and let them take over the liabilities that you are required to pay for? Architects insurance will protect you from the financial pressures that could otherwise bankrupt your business.