Contacting a qualified independent architects and engineers insurance broker is a vital step if you are an architect that’s seeking top protection for your firm. In the design industry it’s important to be sure that you’re protected from lawsuits that could be potentially disastrous to your firm and your career. It doesn’t matter how perfectly a design may be executed. Many smaller companies are capable of going under because of even one frivolous lawsuit. Having insurance in place ensuring this won’t happen is essential when you care about the future of your business. This is true whether you are just starting out or have been in the industry for years. If you’re in need of an independent architect insurance company, this is why you owe it to yourself to call Fenner & Esler.

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Architects all over the country have benefited from the services we provide at Fenner & Esler as a top architects insurance company. We’ve got many years of experience in the industry and in that time have worked with a wide variety of kinds of professionals. As a matter of fact, we have been doing business since 1923. In that time we have helped countless clients ensure their firm has the maximum possible protection. This experience has supplied us with a unique insight into the requirements design specialists and is a significant advantage to working with Fenner & Esler. Our highest priority is meeting your firm’s exact requirements as cost effectively as possible. Trying to find highly flexible insurance from a top architect insurance broker? Get in touch with us now and learn what we’re capable of doing for you.

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There are many reasons why you want to go with Fenner & Esler if you need architect & engineers insurance. The fact that we’re an independent brokerage is an important factor, offering you numerous advantages. This allows for a great deal of flexibility, providing us with the ability to offer you insurance alternatives that will meet your exact requirements. Different firms have different needs, from small start ups to bigger companies that have existed for years. Locating insurance with options that will be ideal for your company and its requirements is important for this reason. Our insurance alternatives are able to be scaled to your needs. This means should you take on more clients, or need special coverage for bigger projects, it can be adjusted appropriately. That isn’t a service you will get from a big brokerage that will try to put you in a one size fits all coverage. Since they will either leave you paying for additional services you will not need, or leave out services that you will, these kind of plans do not ever work for your best interest. Instead, as an independent architects insurance broker we will take your needs into account and provide exactly what you’re looking for.

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Many architects routinely go without the services of an architect insurance brokerage. The number that do is many times surprising to people who are in the business and know what is at stake. Many believe that this is not an issue that is likely to arise if the work they do is good enough. Others feel certain that the money which they’ve been putting aside on their own is enough to cover any situation that come up. Estimating the potential cost of this kind of litigation however is incredibly difficult. It can mean serious trouble when you find that you’ve come up considerably short. You never want to put your firm and your livelihood at risk in this manner. This isn’t something you ever need to worry about when you trust Fenner & Esler for top rated architect insurance coverage. You will be able to focus your attention on what’s truly important if you do business with us as we can give you the peace of mind you need. To learn more call us right away.

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Service that’s incredibly personal is something we’re capable of supplying you with at Fenner & Esler as a top independent architects insurance company. We don’t merely help you with regards to your insurance requirements, but are here when it comes to risk management services. There’s a wide variety ways by which this is provided. You and your employees can benefit greatly from the in house risk management seminars we’re capable of supplying. This can point out many ways you are able to minimize the liability issues that come with working in the design industry. To make sure that a minimal amount of problems come up down the line, we’re also able to review contracts to ensure that you are assuming the minimal amount of liability. We also handle incident reporting, lawyer selection, pre and post claims insurance and much more in addition to these services. Bigger on-line architects insurance brokers supplying one size fits all policies aren’t going to provide you with this level of services. This is why so many design professionals looking for the maximum protection for their firm turn to Fenner & Esler. You have got nothing to lose by getting in touch with us right away to learn why.

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Design professionals in 42 states across the US are capable of taking advantage of our services as a leading independent architect insurance company. From start up firms to large companies, our client base is extremely varied. We’ve been provided with a unique insight as to what our clients want and how best to serve them thanks to a variety of clients we’ve served. Many problems are faced by design professionals on a daily basis. Offering you the best possible protection is our number one goal. We do not just concentrate on making money in the short term, like a lot of bigger on-line brokerages you’ll see. We focus on making clients for life by building relationships in the long term. For this and many other reasons, we stand apart when it comes to architect insurance coverage.

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We strive to fulfill all your requirements as easily as possible as a leading independent architect insurance company. It’s always free when you give us a call at Fenner & Esler to get a quote. Our number one priority is making sure your needs are taken care of. We will still provide you with a quote for the coverage you need even if you’re currently in the middle of a multiyear policy. We additionally supply surveyor and environmental consultant insurance. We make it easy to apply and are here to help you with any questions you may have. When you need an independent architect insurance company, produce your first selection Fenner & Esler.