Land surveyors already use a lot of high-quality technology – including GPS receivers, 3D scanners and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) – to help them take accurate measurement[...]
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Tunnels were initially constructed around 3,000 years ago mainly for defensive purposes. The invention of dynamite in 1867 by inventor Albert Nobel blasted the construction of tunn[...]
Wood has always been an essential building material. It is a sustainable material and carbon-negative – meaning it takes CO2 out of the air while growing. People have been building[...]
Nanotechnology sometimes sounds like something from a science fiction movie. There is often confusion about what they are and what they do. What they are is simple. The range of th[...]
Precast concrete is an excellent building material that has recently seen more use in the United States. Its extensive use in earthquake prone areas like eastern Europe and central[...]
Laser scanning is not a new technology in land surveying. In fact, the technology has been around since the 1960s, but it wasn’t used in engineering until the 1990s. New ways[...]
Indiana Dunes Habitat Fragmentation Wikimedia Commons Habitat fragmentation is when habitats are broken up into smaller habitat fragments. This can be caused by natural occurrences[...]
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