Wood has always been an essential building material. It is a sustainable material and carbon-negative – meaning it takes CO2 out of the air while growing. People have been building[...]
Nanotechnology sometimes sounds like something from a science fiction movie. There is often confusion about what they are and what they do. What they are is simple. The range of th[...]
Precast concrete is an excellent building material that has recently seen more use in the United States. Its extensive use in earthquake prone areas like eastern Europe and central[...]
Laser scanning is not a new technology in land surveying. In fact, the technology has been around since the 1960s, but it wasn’t used in engineering until the 1990s. New ways[...]
Indiana Dunes Habitat Fragmentation Wikimedia Commons Habitat fragmentation is when habitats are broken up into smaller habitat fragments. This can be caused by natural occurrences[...]
How the interior of the Cruise AV looks without a steering wheel or pedals.   GENERAL MOTORS Most of us are excited about the opportunities self-driving cars can bring. We cou[...]
Just as energy and water are connected, so too are energy and waste. It takes water to make energy and energy to make and transport clean water. We certainly make waste from the pr[...]
Citizen’s opinions have always been taken into consideration during urban planning. Urban planners know there are benefits to citizen involvement during the planning phases. The pr[...]
Access to clean water is one of the biggest hurdles for people living in developing countries. 80% of illnesses in the developing world are attributed to unclean water. Our sophist[...]
Water continues to be a limited resource. In many countries, water for direct human consumption is given priority over irrigation water. This can lead to an increase in cost for fa[...]
Most of us have heard of the Pyramids, the Roman aqueducts, and Stonehenge – construction projects that required feats of engineering seemingly out of grasp for the ancient builder[...]
NASA’s announcement of a planned trip to Mars in the 2030s makes colonization of Mars seems closer than ever. However, Mars is completely hostile to human life – it’s too cold, too[...]