For this article, we are asking you to look to the far, far future. Mining in space isn’t something we expect to see any time soon. While some have doubts it will ever happen, many[...]
Part of the new infrastructure bill that recently passed includes actions to mitigate and clean up runoff pollution. Runoff pollution was included in this bill because it’s a big p[...]
Architecture has turned a corner in the past decade. The focus now is now to design structures that are in harmony with the natural environment. The new goal is to tread as lightly[...]
We use a lot of concrete. 4.4 billion tons per year to be exact. Since concrete is such a popular building material, it matters that concrete also has a bad environmental impact. I[...]
One key method to combat climate change is to capture and store carbon dioxide. The U.S. Department of Energy is attempting to develop artificial methods to store carbon dioxide. T[...]
A few weeks ago, we wrote a blog post about the ancient Egyptian and Greek surveyors. Today, we wanted to continue that conversation by including ancient Rome and China. Both were [...]
We are running out of fresh water and climate change is making it worse. According to the UN, “By 2025, an estimated 1.8 billion people will live in areas plagued by water scarcity[...]
Autonomous technology has started to creep into the work site. In construction, we have seen autonomous vehicles gain traction. What comes next for the world of construction? What [...]
Modern surveying is highly developed. With satellites and lasers, it now looks very different than just a few decades ago. At its core, modern surveying has a lot in common with an[...]
Biodeterioration is the break-down of materials through biological processes. The process typically starts as an invisible biofilm, also called a pioneering biofilm, before becomin[...]
When we hunt for new ways to construct buildings, we are often brought full circle to the past. This week we wanted to explore some of the new and more interesting building methods[...]
Starting with research in the mid-1980s, accelerated bridge construction (ABC) has gathered attention as a possible way to improve on bridge construction. Only in recent years has [...]