Thanks to computer-aided design, in recent decades the use of biomimicry in architecture has quickly advanced and the applications and possibilities have broadened. This has helped[...]
Hydroelectric dams have many advantages — the main one being a clean source of energy. The Three Gorges Dam in China is estimated to replace around 50 million tons of coal be[...]
As the organizing committee for the 2020 Japan Summer Olympics asserts it is the most eco-friendly games in history, numerous environmental groups dismiss this claim as blatant gre[...]
In 2001, a young engineer from Hungary had the marvelous idea to invent a light transmitting concrete that would eventually revolutionize the design industry forever.  His name is [...]
Structural engineers who use constructable BIM models add value to projects by providing bottom-line benefits for their firms, as well as the project owner. Historically, architect[...]
Brooklyn to Staten Island Water Tunnel Finished – Sets Stage for Completing Anchorage Channel Dredging Project While Superstorm Sandy delayed completion of a new drinking water sip[...]
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