Calling a leading architect & engineers insurance company is vital for any engineer. Professional engineers should comprehend the importance of having all your bases covered. Any project which you and your company may work on carries with it its own particular element of risk. All it requires is a single mistake, miscommunication or misinterpretation and accidents, delays, or serious injuries could ensue. To ensure that your firm is adequately protected, it’s vital to look into PLI, or professional liability insurance. Fenner & Esler provides insurance for engineers which safeguards an architectural company and its employees against claims alleging negligent acts, errors, or omissions in the performance of architectural services. From simple to elaborate, we’re aware of the risks involved with a wide range of forms of jobs. We have considerable experience when it comes to finding customized coverage that will meet your requirements exactly as we’ve assisted an extensive array of engineer professionals. When you’re in need of engineer errors & omissions insurance coverage, Fenner & Esler has the affordable and all-inclusive solutions that will best suit your needs.

Engineers Insurance

A number of engineers don’t realize how crucial engineers insurance really is. Going bare, or going without insurance is a mistake which some engineers make when just starting out. Some may put aside money in case of any lawsuits and think that this is enough to provide protection for their firm. One problem with this is that it’s easy to underestimate the amount of money you will actually need when you are faced with a lawsuit which claims negligence. One lawsuit is all that’s required to wipe out many smaller firms. Also, remember that this plan makes borrowing from this money far too easy, even with the intent of putting it back, so it isn’t going to be there if it’s actually needed. Fenner & Esler, as a leading engineers PL insurance coverage broker, is able to offer you comprehensive alternatives, with a broad range of alternatives which will not only be ideal for your individual firm but affordable.

Engineer Insurance Company

As an independent engineers insurance company, Fenner & Esler has been providing protection to design specialists with companies of all sizes for over 90 years now. To better supply you with options which will suit your requirements we represent an expansive list of A rated carriers. Engineers and architectural companies of sizes may take advantage of our professional liability insurance, protecting them from damages that are directly related to the completion of your work on a given project. You will find that Fenner & Esler offers just as many if not more varieties of insurable amounts when you compare with the leading local engineer insurance brokerage. Among the reasons we stand apart from the larger engineers insurance brokerages is the fact that we supply personal risk management assessments so that you you’re not going to assume more liability for projects than is absolutely necessary.

Architects & Engineers Insurance

If you’re in need of a trusted independent architect and engineer insurance company serving Wisconsin there are many advantages to relying on Fenner & Esler. These are a few examples:

  • Peace of mind
  • Risk management on an ongoing basis
  • Services tailored to the size and requirements of your firm
  • Protection against frivolous lawsuits
  • Protection even into retirement
  • Policy scalability if needed

These are all reasons design professionals rely on Fenner & Esler if they’re looking for an engineers and architects insurance company.

Engineer Employment Practice Insurance

As a top engineers insurance company Fenner and Esler additionally provides employment practice liability insurance for engineers which is going to cover employee allegations of discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, and retaliation. Despite the fact that no wrongful actions may have occurred, merely defending a lawsuit may be exceedingly costly. At Fenner and Esler we offer a selection of risk-management services to help mitigate risk and prevent expensive ligation. We can help give you peace of mind with the knowledge that you’re covered against the monetary damage which could result from misinterpretations or unfortunate circumstances. Contact us today for employment practice insurance for engineers.

Engineers Insurance Brokerages

A lot of beginning engineers make the mistake of going without engineer insurance completely. Although this may save a considerable amount of money, in the long term it can be a terribly costly error. A single lawsuit has the potential to wipe out a small firm in legal costs. Among the typical reasons for this is the fact that a lot of online engineer insurance companies don’t offer any customization for their plans. Going without protections you will need or spending too much for services you won’t need are the alternatives these cookie cutter policies are going to present you with. As an independent engineer PL insurance coverage company, Fenner & Esler has the ability to satisfy your exact requirements for your company’s size as well as budget by providing an unmatched degree of customization in terms of engineers insurance plans.

Insurance Engineer

We additionally do considerably more than simply supply top quality architects & engineers insurance at Fenner & Esler. In addition, we offer non-standard contract reviews, pre and post claims support, attorney choice, incident reporting and much more in addition to our risk management services. Don’t worry if you are currently mid-policy. We’ll still be happy to supply you with a quote for competitively priced engineers insurance which will be optimized to satisfy your individual needs. Get in touch with us at Fenner & Esler right away.

Surveyors Insurance

At Fenner & Esler we provide insurance options for a variety of design professionals. This includes:

  • Engineer Insurance
  • Architects Insurance
  • Structural Engineer Insurance
  • Environmental Consultants Insurance
  • Surveyors Insurance

Look no further than Fenner & Esler if you are searching for an architect & engineers company ready to meet your requirements.

Engineer Insurance Broker

At the engineers insurance company of Fenner and Esler, we know that whether you are a modestly sized architecture business or a transnational million-dollar conglomerate, the work of engineers is continually in the spotlight. Clients are always going to closely scrutinize your work however careful and exact you are. This opens up the change of facing a lawsuit for alleged negligence or failure to render professional services. Considering how the industry continues to be feeling the impact of the recession means it is all the more essential to never take any chances. This is where Fenner & Esler comes in to give a safety net for engineers in order that you can concentrate on your work. For a quote for engineers insurance coverage, give us a call today at Fenner and Esler.