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Make certain you are getting the very best possible protection by visiting Fenner & Esler for quality engineers and architects insurance coverage. It’s capable of being unpredictable if you are working in the design industry. It doesn’t matter how much attention you pay to detail. There’s always a chance a client will claim there was a mistake. This can often lead to a lawsuit. E&O insurance, or Professional liability insurance is something any design professional has to consider. Risk is unfortunately part of taking on new clients. You can’t always be sure when a third party is going to turn around and claim that at some stage in the design, planning or specification of a project, an error was made. This is why architects insurance is so important.

Engineers Insurance in Pennsylvania

Some engineers and architects are going with out the services of an independent engineers and architects insurance company and aren’t realizing how much of an issue this is. Some possess general liability insurance and think this is adequate to cover them. However, this is only a service that covers things like:

  • Accidents like slips and falls
  • Workman’s compensation
  • Damage to your property
  • Employee injuries

Be certain to contact Fenner & Esler today for an architect and engineer insurance brokerage that can provide the very best protection for your firm.

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We believe that when it comes to E & O for structural engineers, you deserve choices. When it comes to the policies we offer, we are highly flexible. Whether you need more coverage for bigger projects or you need to scale back, it’s not an issue. The brokerages you see online won’t offer this level of service. When we’re working with your business, you can be sure we’re capable of meeting your unique requirements because we know no two businesses are the same. Working with Fenner & Esler means you can benefit from our wealth of experience and knowledge for insurance for architects.

Engineer Insurance in Pennsylvania

When it comes to protecting you from a lawsuit’s potential damages, the services of an architects & engineers insurance company are crucial. It doesn’t matter how frivolous it may even be. Your professional liability policy can cover the following up to its specified limit:

  • Attorney costs
  • Legal fees
  • Settlements
  • Defense costs

We have a long history as a trusted architect and engineer insurance brokerage offering protection for companies just like yours.

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We’re more than just any architects and engineers insurance company at Fenner & Esler. We work hard to ensure your plan for coverage is working best for you both in terms of your budget and coverage. The fact that we are an independent brokerage will certainly work to your favor. There’s a large number of benefits to working with an independent brokerage like Fenner & Esler. A few examples include:

  • No paying for services you don’t need
  • Various alternatives for your specific budget
  • Personalized risk management services
  • Ability to scale for new projects

As a leader in the industry when it comes to architects and engineers insurance coverage, Fenner & Esler is capable of ensuring you’re adequately protected against any lawsuits that may come your way.

Engineers Insurance Coverage

When it comes to discovering an independent structural engineers insurance company, you don’t want to simply work with anyone. This is somebody you have to count on to offer you peace of mind and protection while you’re growing your business and pursuing your dreams. You need someone that’s capable of offering both experience and reliability. At Fenner & Esler, we can offer you all of this.

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You want to work with Fenner & Esler when it comes to insurance coverage for structural engineers for a wide array of reasons you want to work with Fenner & Esler. These are simply a few examples:

  • No one-size-fits-all plans
  • Customizable and flexible policies
  • Proven track record
  • Representing ‘A’ rated carriers
  • Decades of industry experience

Choose Fenner & Esler as your architects and engineers insurance company and experience the difference today.

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If you want to discover out more about how we’re capable of helping you and your firm with architects and engineers insurance coverage, be certain to get in touch with one of our experts today.