Engineers have toiled and made every construction dream a reality for our civilization. They are among those who have best abilities to complete each project with near perfection as they draft their designs. Unfortunately, just like anyone else, engineers are also prone to errors and omissions. These can make or break their career as well as their finances because when a lawsuit is filed, paying for the liabilities is a serious expense for the engineer or design firm. Unintentional as the errors may be, such a plea is not valid in a court of law. This is why there exists professional liability insurance. Engineers insurance is made to protect the interests of engineers in such instances as when errors are made and lawsuits occur.

For an engineer or firm interested in protecting their finances and who wants their projects to be completed with ease, insurance is absolutely necessary in order to secure both their interests as well as those of the clients. If being hired on a contractual basis, most clients will look for engineers to have professional liability insurance in order to make sure that the possible liabilities will be shouldered by the engineer