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Since 1923, Fenner & Esler Insurance Agency has provided professional liability insurance and risk management services. Expertise and extensive knowledge of the built world has allowed Fenner & Esler to provide appropriate insurance coverage to Architects, Engineers, Surveyors and Environmental Consultants saving new clients 20-40% on insurance policies.

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Let’s Address Insurance & Risk Management

As an independent insurance brokerage, Fenner & Esler Insurance Agency is not beholden to a single carrier or company, allowing them to provide architects, engineers, surveyors and environmental professionals with the most competitive insurance rates the industry has to offer- even for firms with previously reported professional liability insurance claims or circumstances. With extensive knowledge of the built world, Fenner & Esler Insurance Agency, not only provides insurance policies but also provides risk management consultations for their clients.

Fenner & Esler Insurance Agency serves professionals and firms throughout the United States and has almost a century of knowledge of the built world. With decades of expertise on providing insurance and protecting architects, engineers, surveyors and environmental professionals, the A/E specialists at Fenner & Esler have the knowledge, skill, and desire to provide insurance rates that keep your assets safe from harm.

In the interest of providing the best coverage and risk management services to clients, Fenner & Esler Insurance Agency prides themselves on having superior customer service and consistently possessing the most up to date knowledge of all of their customers and the built environment. This ensures insurance rates stay low for architect insurance, engineer insurance, surveyor insurance and environmental consultant insurance clients based on risk management needs.

Fenner & Esler Insurance Agency allows architects, engineers, surveyors and environmental professionals to focus more on practice management and the growth of their own businesses while spending less time worrying about risk management and insurance coverage.

Client Projects & Case Studies

Private Residence
Bridgehampton, NY
Boys & Girls Club
Binghamton, NY
I-590 and Winton Road Interchange
Centerway Arch
Bridge Project
Worcester Central School District Buffalo Niagara
International Airport

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