There is general liability insurance, which protects you from claims brought about by bodily injury or property damages. Professional liability insurance, on the other hand, is the type of insurance which protects you from claims brought about by errors and omissions executed during your work.

Professional liability insurance for engineers secures and guarantees engineers from any lawsuits brought about by claims of errors and omissions in projects. Generally, this type of insurance will provide the necessary expenses necessary should a lawsuit be filed against you. It will also be your resource when at such time you are found to be at fault and must pay remunerations.

Professional liability insurance in general covers the errors and omissions a professional committed during their contract with their client. It saves you from a possible financial devastation from the alleged negligence of your professional duties. It also protects you from any possible danger of having your reputation as a professional destroyed. Purchasing this type of insurance is well advised. Lawsuits are very expensive, and having an insurance policy that will at the very least protect you and help you financially.

Despite its coverage for errors and omissions, engineering professional liability insurance does not necessarily cover every single thing. Make sure to completely understand your and take note of any exclusions. Fenner & Esler