You simply cannot entrust your name and credibility with an architects insurance company that does not have years of experience and expertise comparable to F&E. It would be devastating to have your name and reputation be sullied by a lawsuit concerning your professional duties and responsibilities as an architect. You took pains in establishing your reputation and building your architects practice. You do not want your name to be ruined in any way. Your best partner in protecting your name and reputation is Fenner & Esler, a professional liability insurance company that specializes in servicing the needs of architects and engineers. Whether you hold a one-man professional practice or work as part of a team in bigger corporations, you need to partner with an architects liability insurance company to provide for your safety net in case, through some sort of misfortune, your project fails to deliver what is stipulated in your service contract.

Architect Insurance

You might find it is easy to learn about the kind of coverage that you need. However, you really should seek the help of an architects liability specialist in order to adequately and thoroughly evaluate your professional liability insurance needs. You can have your contract reviewed by our architects liability experts to find out whether you are at risk of being held at fault or liable in unforeseen circumstances. It is very easy to get taken in by aggressive insurance marketers who tell you that you do not have a choice, but the truth is that there is a difference. There are many ways to set up your architects liability insurance policy; this largely depends on the extent of coverage that you need to have. You can always start by meeting with one of our architects liability insurance specialists. They will be able to make suggestions as to what particular areas of concern you should look at. As these specialists are experts when it comes to professional liability cases specific to architects and engineers, you can be sure that you are getting a comprehensive review of your situation. You might know everything you need to know about being an architect, but only a specialized expert in professional liability can give you all of the advice that you need when it comes to the risks and financial liabilities you can be exposed to in your field.