Professional Liability Insurance for Architects

Architects insurance is an essential consideration for any practicing architect, regardless of your level of experience. It is not an easy task to get the necessary educational and professional training requirements to be able to get a license to practice as an architect. It would be unfortunate to see any architectural practice go down the drain because of an unforeseen circumstance. A lawsuit for professional liability could put undue strain on an architect’s finances and reputation. Any professional architect should adequately cover his practice with professional liability insurance. Fenner & Esler Insurance Agency has a long history of providing reliable, professional liability insurance coverage for architects. It is only through this kind of experience that we as insurers are able to demonstrate the kind of service and benefits that architects really need in an insurance plan.

Architects Insurance

Architects are trained and licensed in the task of planning and designing buildings and structures, as well as in supervising the construction of particular structures. The decisions that architects make in the discharge of their professional duties impact structural safety and stability. As such, their profession exposes them to risks of potential lawsuits pertaining to any kind of damage or loss that could result from any inadvertent negligence in the performance of their duties and responsibilities. This is the reason why much attention is exerted towards ensuring that architects receive the right educational and professional training before they are granted an architect’s license. This is also the reason why any architect practicing his profession should have architects professional liability insurance.

The best way for architects to protect themselves and their practices from the financial burden of errors and omissions lawsuits is to choose Fenner & Esler to provide professional liability insurance. We specialize in architects and engineers insurance, and your insurance plan will be designed with in-depth knowledge and wisdom particular to your profession. With a professional liability insurance plan tailored specifically for your needs, you can be assured that your practice is adequately covered against potential financial obligations from legalities. As architects and engineers specialists that have handled quite a number of cases, we are affiliated only with the best rated insurance carriers and take pride in being an architect’s best partner in managing his professional risks.

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When you sign up with Fenner & Esler Insurance Agency, you are putting your professional practice in good hands. You will be relying on our years of experience in providing comprehensive architects professional liability insurance to many of the country’s top firms, as well as start-up companies and individual practitioners. Our specialists can assess your professional liability coverage by analyzing of a number of factors including your individual liability and your scope of contract. Here at Fenner & Esler Insurance Agency, we work hard to provide cost-effective and comprehensive coverage fit for your needs. Your readiness to take responsibility of a certain amount of liability would also influence the final amount of coverage that you will purchase. The higher the amount of liability you are willing to share, the lower you will have to pay for in premiums. We will provide an in-depth and substantial analysis of your needs.

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