All professionals naturally want to finish their projects with excellent results that they could be proud of. No respectable professional would compromise the quality of his work intentionally. Unfortunately, there are still eventualities that result in the quality of their achievements being questioned and their professional capacity being disputed. The engineering profession is riddled with these kinds of risks. Although engineers might exert all their efforts towards ensuring that a particular structure is stable and secure, the risk of being alleged of negligence is still present. Whether this alleged negligence causes personal and property damage or not, the legal repercussions of such negligence are grave, indeed. Aside from the normal general liability insurance coverage that would cover for personal and property damage, engineers should also have a specialized professional liability insurance coverage policy for engineers to provide for other legal problems brought about by accusations of misrepresentation and contractual violations.

With Fenner & Esler Insurance Agency?s engineers professional liability, we take charge of your legal defense. Depending on the amount of your engineers insurance coverage and your deductible amount, all other legal charges and damages will be paid for by the insurer as well. This eliminates the risk of you and your business sinking due to the large amount of money these charges could cost. There is no reason why you should decide to go bare and leave yourself unprotected from these risks. Fenner & Esler?s insurance agents are trained specialists that you can work with in order to come up with a comprehensive and affordable engineers professional liability insurance coverage policy that is tailor-fit to your particular situation. It is because we specialize in insurance policies for engineers that you can have peace of mind that you are getting the right type and amount of coverage for your needs.

There are a lot of things that are involved in an engineer?s work. Engineers can cover a whole range of responsibilities from design and planning to actual construction work and materials procurement. The decisions they make in the discharge of their duties could have an impact on the lives and properties of others. In most cases, projects will only show weakness or flaws in structural stability years after it has been completed. This is why it is important to keep your engineers insurance coverage in force even when you have completed a particular project. We offer multi-year policies that you can purchase from our engineers insurance specialists. Our specialists will be able to advise you on exactly what kind of policy you need, since they already have a wealth of experience handling professionals with needs similar to yours.

No engineer should compromise his profession and reputation by not having the right coverage. You do not have to bare yourself to the risks involved in not being able to procure the right professional liability insurance. We at Fenner & Esler Insurance Agency will be able to partner with you to provide the right protection and risk management for your specific profession. You can trust our insurance specialists who trace years of experience in the field of engineering.

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