You shouldn’t ever underestimate how important it is to get service from a top architects and engineers insurance company, whether your business is big or small. Given the current unsettled economic climate, structural engineers should make every endeavor to safeguard their personal finances in addition to financial assets belonging to the firm they work with. It is always a priority as a business owner to ensure you’ve got all of your bases covered. A single small error or omission in the architecture field can lead to a massive amount of costly litigation, so having this insurance in place is extremely important. Even if you’re found not liable in the end, the price of said litigation is usually enough to wipe out a small or medium sized firm. The possible harm to your reputation is also something you should consider. If you care about your company’s success, teaming up with an independent structural engineers insurance company is crucial. As an independent structural engineer insurance brokerage with significant expertise, Fenner & Esler is able to assist you in navigating this difficult course to find structural engineer insurance which will work best for you.

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The cookie cutter policies found from other structural engineers insurance brokerages online deter many structural engineers from obtaining policies that will be effective and will match their needs. These one size fits all policies are what cause many beginning structural engineer to make the career risking mistake of going without insurance entirely. Sadly, a lot of structural engineers just beginning make this mistake. Lots of times they decide it’s in their best interest to put aside money in the event of an emergency as opposed to paying for insurance services they will not need. There are many issues with this scenario, however. To begin with, taking from the money that was put away is way too tempting, and should a serious crisis arise unexpectedly, the financial security of the business is now in question. You can never be certain when you’ll require the coverage as lawsuits can be filed years after the completion of the project. Second, it’s common to underestimate how much money is involved in litigation. These types of lawsuits are capable of bankrupting your company after being dragged on for years, destroying your reputation in the process. An independent structural engineers insurance broker like Fenner & Esler is able to supply scalable structural engineer insurance to suit your exact requirements.

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Considering the various on-line insurance offers, you may realize it difficult to find the best structural engineers insurance company. In addition to sorting through a lot of different insurance carriers, it is hard to compare the benefits of various policies because they have various riders, exclusions, and deductibles. structural engineers in solo practices and small firms will normally lose in this scenario as well, as a straightforward and comprehensive structural engineer insurance policy will tend to over-insure while being extremely pricey.

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As an independent structural engineers insurance company with a great deal of expertise working with design professionals, our team at Fenner & Esler realizes that no two architecture firms are the same. Their needs in terms of structural engineer PL insurance can vary since the nature of the projects they take and the expertise of the professionals involved will bring about different types of risks. At Fenner & Esler, we take the time with each one of our customers to learn about their business and listen to the things they’re concerned about. This way we can use our industry experience to develop a comprehensive structural engineer insurance policy with coverage from A-rated carriers which will be sure to match your needs exactly. The benefit of an independent structural engineer insurance brokerage such as Fenner & Esler is that you will have the correct amount of insurance coverage at a cost you can afford.

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Fenner & Esler has worked hard over the past thirty years to acquire the reputation as the best structural engineers liability insurance company. We work to your advantage as an independent structural engineers insurance company, as our first loyalty is to you , not an insurance company. Fenner & Esler, as an independent structural engineers liability insurance company also can provide you with the ability to create a customized structural engineers insurance coverage policy that can provide you with the flexibility you need during the course of your career.

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With one-size-fits-all structural engineers insurance policies that you find from larger structural engineers insurance companies online, typically you won’t receive information about the design industry’s best practices for risk management. Spending time researching this information online and ascertaining whether a certain recommendation will affects your practice and is consistent with the laws and ordinances in your state is time consuming at best. Fenner & Esler is your partner in risk management in addition to developing custom structural engineer E&O insurance policies. Fenner & Esler provides you with the reassurance you need to focus on your business in several ways. We’ll look over your contracts, provide you with guidance regarding the most effective approaches to safeguard your firm, and advise you regarding most cutting-edge industry practices that can apply to your practice. When you need structural engineer liability insurance, work with an independent structural engineers liability insurance brokerage you can trust not to overlook any detail, while nevertheless keeping in mind the big picture.

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We have strong relationships with solid A-rated structural engineer liability insurance carriers, which is what makes us a great choice for an independent structural engineer liability insurance company. You will possess the security to know that whenever you need it, your structural engineer professional liability insurance policy will be there to protect you. We provide professional liability insurance policies which are scalable, so they are perfect for young structural engineer that are just getting their business started. We can adjust your coverage as your business grows, so that your are consistently protected from suits regarding claims of errors or omissions. As former clients are able to file a lawsuit years following the completion of the work, we also offer cost-effective tail insurance policies to provide this type of safety for structural engineers once they have retired. This is one of the reasons we’re a top choice for those looking for structural engineer insurance companies.

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At Fenner and Esler, we never take our solid standing for granted. We provide service for a wide range of professionals in the design industry, providing structural engineers insurance, surveyor insurance, and environmental consultants insurance as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to renew your structural engineers insurance, determine if you really have the right amount of structural engineer E&O insurance coverage, or research new choices for your policy. We will be here to hear your concerns so we can address your requirements with the best policy and risk management strategy. When you need to provide effective protection for your business, contact Fenner & Esler, a top quality structural engineers insurance company you will discover.