In terms of insurance for design professionals, Fenner & Esler is a leading choice as an experienced architect & engineer insurance company. Regardless of the size of a firm, all structural engineers in Missouri need to have Professional Liability Insurance, or errors and omissions insurance for structural engineers. Structural engineer insurance offers professional the financial protection they want in the event of allegations of negligence or breach of contract. Fenner Esler is your best choice when you’re looking for a professional liability insurance brokerage. We’re specialists in handling the insurance needs of structural engineers, engineers, and other design professionals.

Engineer Insurance

Any structural engineer that chooses to take on a job while lacking structural engineers insurance generally finds out suddenly they’re ineligible to make a move for any high dollar contracts. Virtually all contracts, state and federal, require structural engineer insurance prior to letting a structural engineer make a bid on a contract. Other engineers decide to depend on a project policy, something that could help them gain smaller contracts, but these policies have extraordinarily high deductibles. Any structural engineer could be at the foul side of a claim if it is made, and these may be expensive affairs which may sometimes require the engineer themselves to pay out a considerable amount of their own money prior to any legal expenses being covered by a policy. A financial deficit this large may potentially cripple many small firms and any structural engineers that are self-employed. We’ve got a group of experts who specialize in structural engineer insurance whose primary job is ensuring that our clients are protected by their coverage at all times and do not have to suffer any unaffordable costs.

Structural Engineer Insurance Company

Even the most conscientious structural engineers who follow all the industry’s best practices run the risks of a lawsuit which claims that some error or omission in a building or other structure they worked on resulted in personal injury or property damage. Often litigation of this nature happens years after a project has been completed. The cost of litigation may be high even when the allegations of negligence are frivolous. Structural engineers insurance is necessary for the protection of structural engineers individually, in addition to engineering firms, from the great expense of omissions and errors litigation. Come up with the best course of action by determining the merits of the suit.

Structural Engineers Insurance

Every firm will benefit from possessing structural engineer employment practice liability insurance. Conflicts can arise out of nowhere, no matter how great the environment in your structural engineering firm is. Sometimes, such disputes are easily resolved, but the possibility also exists for a disagreement to escalate into allegations of discrimination or harassment. The price of litigation and settlements for employment practice lawsuits are forever increasing, and this can cause considerable damage to a structural engineers firm which does not have any employment practice insurance for structural engineers in place. At Fenner and Esler our specialists craft a structural engineer employment practice insurance policy that examines every aspect of your practice to ensure no structural engineers are ever over or under insured.

Structural Engineers PL Insurance

The importance of obtaining insurance from an independent structural PL insurance company for engineers cannot be underestimated. It is a common fault of structural engineers to falsely think they’re better off saving the money by not insuring. They discover years later, when a lawsuit occurs, however frivolous, that they are in trouble. Others may choose to self-insure only to find that the cost of litigation and lawful protection is considerably more than the structural engineer anticipated. We can offer comprehensive liability insurance coverage at Fenner & Esler. The requirement for PL for structural engineers becomes obvious when one considers all these factors.

Structural Engineer Insurance

Many start design experts realize that they opt out of insuring because the rates they frequently see for engineers & architects insurance are so high. In most cases, the O & E Insurance plans provided on the net are one size fits all policies that provide more protection than what’s needed by small businesses. Irrespective of your business’s size, at Fenner Esler we can help you to find a plan where you will have all of the coverage you could demand without spending additional cash that you do not desire to. The result is structural engineer insurance which is much cheaper. The conditions of your O and E Insurance policy are also in a position to be scaled in accordance with the sort of jobs you are taking on, just in case you suddenly discover you have much bigger jobs than expected. In the event that a company is given a project considerably larger than their usual contracts, an insurance specialist from the professional liability insurance brokerage can arrange a per task O&E Insurance For structural engineers policy without the expense of enlarging the coverage of the primary policy.

Insurance Broker Structural Engineer

You should always treat employing an engineer & architect insurance company just the same as if you were appointing a new partner for the business. An often-overlooked advantage of making use of an independent professional brokerage like Fenner Esler for O&E Insurance For structural engineers insurance is the risk management guidance that we can provide. For instance, they offer advice for young structural engineers about how you can spread the risk of big projects among the different specialists. There are forces that will be beyond the structural engineers control, and a specialist in structural engineer insurance will be able to help negotiate contracts to the structural engineer will assume minimal liability.

Structural Engineer Insurance Company

We’ve got over three decades of experience as a quality independent structural engineers insurance broker with experts that don’t just create customized insurance policies, but the most all-inclusive risk management plans to meet the needs of our clients. For instance, we evaluate every contract and proposal to make sure that our customers aren’t assuming any risks on any of their projects. We strive to keep our clients up to date on the most recent innovations and best courses of action within the field of risk management. Each client is treated with our full attention regardless of how large or small they might be. We believe our personal touch really sets us apart from online structural E & O insurance brokerages for engineers that just really appear when they’re looking for money.